Sunday, April 10, 2011

why you tell them?

why you tell them???
did i do mistake at you??
if yes please let me know..
don't do like this just for revenge..
come on.. we are growing up...
for what u tell them???
do you think they can throw me or hate me???
and then just satisfied about it???
if you know something that doesn't relate to you
just keep silent...
we know you tell them..
it's ok for now..
but if it happen again,
i won't let u go just for easily..
beware dear friend..
i will be ur bad enemy...
do not expect small things..
u do not know me deeply..
so be watch out dear..i'll try to not hate you..
maybe what happen to you it's just PEMBALASAN from ALLAH...
thank you..
luahan hati yang tak terluah sehinggala kini...

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