Saturday, April 9, 2011

Truly I hate U bro...

I hate U
and I'll never remember that u r my friend..
sorry la..u make me feel that u are truly annoying!!
before this always think a good things about but
for the reason I really hate u because ur mouth bro..!!
argh..feel stupid that i trust u...
MOLOT AYAM betul la kau ni..
nothing good about u anymore..
sorry  I can't see your face again..
If I see just for TAK SENGAJA!
notice that! FUCK OFF!!!! BERAMBUS LA WEYH!!!


  1. sengal punye ayu..ceit....
    marah sial tau x org yg aku maksudkn ni...hopefully la pasni aku xnmpk lg muke dia...hate it!!!!