Thursday, April 19, 2012

For a friend..

Dear friend,
Sometimes we think people depend on us (that's good because we are the one that can be depend) BUT
it could be burden for some people...
AND make u feel too much dependable..

Dear friend,
Sometimes we are not aware of what we do is annoy the people around you...
(This is very dangerous because I'm done it too) =.="

Dear  friend,
An order!!! OUCH!!! this is can not be done to people that don't like to receive any order!
(eg: do that, do this, do those, do these)Some people have their active or biological time (I think) for doing their work.
You must respect it. Just do your work.

Dear friend,
I'm maybe not a part of your closes but I do just love you and I appreciate you as my close one. ( don't mind if one hand clapping) hahaha (it is the word?)

Dear friend,
Careful with your word. (for me too)..sometimes we are not aware what we say can hurt others...AND sometimes our word will be remind to others for a long time...

Dear friend,
Please be grateful for what you have...don't mess up it...just pray for the best. Allah knows the BEST for us...Think about other people..
"If you are in trouble, there are many people in BIG trouble"
(Allah test His servants according to ability) you are the chosen one.
Maybe Allah give you reward in the hereafter.

Dear friend, 
Sometimes we heard many complaint from other friends and you are not. (It is shows that you are good friends?? ) Maybe people around you will think that you are kind. but only the close one know you.

Dear friend,

Please try to be fair...(don't cover too much) just be yourself in any places. it's okay too take care of your manner BUT not too much if you're not...That will shows you are not honest with yourself and the other..

Dear friend,

Maybe I'm not suppose to type all this BUT maybe it will help other readers...thank you and hope our friendship long lasting...=)

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