Saturday, April 7, 2012

it's me...sorry

it's remind me some question..
"how long it need?"
i'm sorry coz i'm too afraid...
i'm not good person but i try to..
it's hard for me because i don't want to do it just for u only..
i do love u coz u r someone special for me..
even u think i'm not qualified to be as ur part..
and sometimes i feel hurt
coz ur word n treat...
but don't mind me...
i can tolerate becoz some reasons...
it's okay and i do understand...
i just hope u'll happy world and thereafter..=)
and find someone that will lead you towards a righteous person..
that's enough for me~~~~

Belajar ilmu dimana-mana,
Asalkan ilmu yang boleh dimanfaati,
Kau kawan aku yang istimewa,
Aku harap kau sentiasa diberkati...

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