Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Melaka pun Melaka lah

front UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka

Kolej Tun Mamat
okay I just got the offer for my further study which is in UiTM Cawangan Kampus Bandar Raya Melaka for Bachelor in Finance. Hurm Finance??? yup..okay I really apply that course because I don't want to further in Accounting! Not anymore...hahaha..but UiTM Melaka?? errr why Melaka again???? so boring..need the new environment okay..! even though different campus but still in Melaka..ouh NOOOOOOO maybe I was destined to create history at historic sites =D..But I don't have a choice to choose the place, they placed I just have to accept it. And last night I just accept the now need to be prepared all the needs..hope everything will be okay.=) pray for me..A little bit pictures that I stole from someone blogspot..sorry ya! There are many things that have to think! Transport, residence, class, friends and many more...I feel I'm stuck of to solve all the problems..everyday have to think...that's why I have more gray hair..ahaksss! I just don't want to think anymore and let it be okay..but isn't will be okay??? hurm~~~~ think again.....


  1. Ada hikmahnye tu ko dpt melaka lg! ;) All the best k puti!

  2. ok..but still tertggu ko pulang ke tanah air...