Thursday, October 28, 2010


My parents is my inspire
  I really love my mum
I love my dad
I'm gonna prove & make them proud 
as their eldest daughter.
(this picture took when I was 2 months old)
One day, I will do something
to show both you
that I'm independent eldest.
Especially  to my dad,
I will prove it that
I'm better than you.
Better in many things.
Better in managed my money, my family
and most important my responsibility to Allah.

Here some my parents travel pictures that I would like to share,
and this pictures also give me inspired to go for travel:
(my mum loyal with her sunglasses)
(crying and crying..when I grow up I can sing!!! yeay!!!)
(where is me??? hahaha...already "check" in the casino..wink**)
(with the original red Indian Canadians)
( At Calgary Canada..miss my place of birth =( ~~)
(my mum and at the Eifel Tower)

All travels were sponsored by own effort...
In conclusion you get what you have done..=)

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