Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hello there,

FOSTER BROTHER which is in Malays, ABANG ANGKAT. So did you guys have one?? or you guys just prefer biological oldest brother? For those who have their own eldest brother maybe they will choose it but not all. Sometimes they also have foster brother. I am just in people who doesn't have eldest brother and plus i don't have eldest sister too.. So I am the eldest sister =) I am really hope that I have an eldest brother but it is possible!! It is impossible to have eldest brother unless I have foster brother..=) So I have four actually which is Abg Sayuti(27), Abg Hafiz(26) and Abg Saha(23) and Abg Fairuz(20++)(can't remember).

Firstly I met Abg Fairuz:
Before this he studied at UIA and took major in Economics. He want to be a Economics Professional. He lives in Kuala Nerang, Kedah, I get to know him which is from my friend. They went to program for PMR, they learn how to get solve mathematics problem. My father do not allowed me to went there because he said that I already good in maths. =( but want to went there. my father always avoid me from to went any program that have to use more money. hurm..I just heard from my friends that how is going in the program. They said it is the best ever camp in UPM. Plus they said there are many facilitators (brother) which are handsome! They have contact number and I was just interested to Abg Fairuz which is one of facilitators there. So I took his number from my friend and start to know each other. He is a good brother. Many advices he gives to me so that I have to study smart to get study in university and know I already done my diploma. Alhamdulillah.. but just for two to three years we getting close and then he disappear. I don't he married or not. He changed his number. =(

Secondly, I met Abg Saha
I know him in June 2005 which is my friend's cousin. He lives in Kuantan, Pahang. Actually he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I just a little girl that do not know many things and just accept it but I don't feel anything except I feel there is people want to know about me. So just hold for three months and after that I asked him " who I am towards you?" and he said "Don't know. Just feel ordinary, feel nothing special." and then I said "that's okay, so we broke up." Just a simple like ABC =) I realize that I am not ready for a serious relationship. He said that he just want to be my brother and I said "okay." So from that he just contact me as his sister and we are very comfortable with it until now. He also like to talk about his girlfriendssss and now he don't have one..HAHAHAHAHA..pity him..=P

Thirdly, I met Abg Hafiz
I know him through online social networking which is TAGGED. He lives in Kedah. At first I met him, he want to test me. He said that he want to tackle me but I just ignore him because I didn't trust colleague in social networking! I just treat him as a  friend. After that, he said that I not like other girl which is like to get flirt with other guy without know better and he said first time a girl in Tagged that admit she already have a boyfriend!.hm of course I will admit it, because I love him very much! so he take a decision to take as his foster sister plus he don't have sister. but unfortunately, I don't know what happened, I lost contact with him.=( maybe he already married too..who knows....

Lastly, I met Abg Sayuti
He was my mom's student in IKTBN Sepang. He from Kelantan but lives in Putrajaya. He is an electrical engineering. I met him went I accompany my mom teaching in his class. My mom a little bit afraid because there are boys. So many things can be happened. I still remember how I get close with him. when my mom was teaching, I would sit at the back and that time my mom give a task to her class which is wrote an essay about their own hobbies. As usual, I were messaging my beloved boyfriend =), and I didn't realize that Abg Sayuti looking to my phone and he said " it!!...I told your mom! hehe" and just shocked, said "don't!! told mum, please..." and he said " If you don't want me to tell your mum, then you must help me to do the essay, I will said in Malays and you will translate it. ok?" and I have no choice, "okay". then from there we start get close until now. but he always probe me which are cheating when he told something!!grrrr get patient with him a lot! and last year he got married and last month he got a baby girl..=) which is name Nur Syarafana Ardini.

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