Thursday, December 2, 2010

A calling

This morning I got calling from my friend..Hopefully I can call her "friend" till my last breath. Surprisingly I know more about friend after the's sadly am I..??? Did I very bad to you??? I'm tired about friends..especially u girls.. why can we not take too deep just for a little matter??? Be mature please... Honestly, I also can accept what your, your and your attitude..but then I also have the weakness..that's really I why do all of you think wisely??? I just hope and really hope that you never success in your life... I feel "tertindas" okay?... Silent me is kill you slowly.. Happy me also will kill you cruelly. be watch out!!! don't find me as your enemy..I really bad enemy.. but you ask for it.. I try to accept all of you..but..hurmmmm~~~~~...
p/s:ingatkan kat skola je masalah pemikiran ni..tapi da UNIVERSITI pun masing2 kolot....walaupun kau tu duk KL..boleh blah la..ko takkan berjaye weyh. No bless for you even you get success for your life.!


  1. sabar ok dear!!!!

    biasalah hidup bereman banyak suka duka namun itu semua pengajaran yang mendewasakan pemikiran kita. makin banyak masalah, makin ewasa kita jadinya!

  2. tengs dear...sememangnya kesabaran amat diperlukan..=) thanks for stop by my blog and leave a comment..=)