Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Long relationship..=)

Special edition for my beloved friend.....Noreen Shafika & Muhd Hafiz..(sorry ek klu salah eja name apiz)...hehehe

Happy anniversary for 5 years 8 months...

I'm happy with both of you...=)

I wish that you guys will get married soon...=)

For others information, in our "geng" supposedly there were 3 couples that already 5 years in relationship but maybe is it not fated the one of us are not being together..but guys remember, maybe HE met you guys for the wrong person before you guys meet the right person...=)

I know that it is difficult to stay long in the relationship..sometimes we feel sad, hurt and moody and for sure that the guys not is too sensitive about..that is the issue that the ladies have too overcome by their own way.. SOB BA RA(sabar) nyeee..=) (lagi-lagi darah muda kan, masing-masing pun memberontak)

p/s: don't forget to invite me to your wedding..=)
For now just you and I that have a long relationship....so maintain it....and get married..hahahaha


  1. thank u sho much my dear luvly fwen.hope diz relation will stay 4 a long tyme.and hope we can make it together to ALAM PERKAHWINAN.haha.sounds crazy.it's too early (:

  2. yup..sounds crazy...but don't you feel that we take PMR just now...hahhaahaha..but it's already 5 years ago....