Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get Caught =(

Hello dear bloggers...
Today, I get caught! Ohhh Nooo..can't accept it...
Why I really careless about this..sob..sob...
Just know, I was so too bored and suddenly.
I have something to try on which is using
facebook in blackberry application..
It is fun when use the application=)
I let my friend to use it..we were happy and now we know that why people now easily using blackberry...(wink..wink..wink..) hurm...After that, I told my friend to try on facebook through her new phone. My close friend like to gave comment..and suddenly she ask that "do sony vaio just a lappy?"
Ohw Nooooo!!! Ayu we get caught...suddenly ayu and I realize that we lied..hahahaha Actually there is application for use it...Poor we that not recheck before use it..advice from again, think a second then make decision...=) peace no war..=D

To farahin: i can't buy blackberry for this time or maybe not...=) 
                     you are right there is no sony vaio for phone...heeee~~~

1 comment:

  1. hahahhaha, i know im right.. well, i do love vaio so much and sony does not produce any phone but sony ericsson does... kuang..kuang..kuang~~